Under the supervision of the Respiratory Therapy Manager and/or the Lead Respiratory Care Therapist and upon request of the physician, set up and operate various types of respiratory care equipment to be utilized in the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory disease and/or illness.
· Explain purpose and procedure of treatments, tests and equipment to the patient and properly document all education given to patient(s) and their caregivers on the
patient education form in the patient’s chart.
· Provide age appropriate care.
· Perform arterial puncture and properly label and prepare sample for analysis.
· Conduct physician prescribed treatments, including but not limited to, hand–held nebulizer therapy and various nasal oxygen devices in order to administer
prescribed medicinal vapors and gases, humidity, various oxygen concentrations to the respiratory system of the patient and chest physical therapy treatments.
· Set up, operate and monitor ventilators when patient’s respiratory system is incapable of adequate spontaneous ventilation. Participate in ventilator weaning process,
utilizing protocols and physician direction. Set up ventilator using the ventilator graphics to ensure the patient is comfortable and getting enough flow to meet his/her
respiratory demand.
· Ensure the adequate maintenance of ventilation during cardio-pulmonary resuscitation; intubate as necessary.
· Attend a minimum of three Respiratory Care departmental meetings and in-services.
· Record all pertinent information of treatments and patient response to treatments on respiratory care records and patient chart; place MAR’s on patient’s chart in
proper order.
· Perform trach care per hospital policy and procedure.
· Change out trach tubes as necessary and per hospital policy and procedure; properly document changes on the respiratory treatment sheet.
· Change out tubing and inline suction devices, including suction canister per hospital policy and procedure.
· Report treatments to be conducted and condition of patients to relief personnel. Give complete report of any changes made and new orders written and keep
patient’s primary care nurse informed of such changes.
· Process respiratory therapy equipment including ENT/Bronchoscope; cleaning, sterilizing and packaging as required.
· Perform preventative maintenance and repair of equipment including EST and SST pre-use checks on ventilator before each use or as needed and properly document in the cleaning log.
· Make regular rounds. Check patient’s ventilator at least every four hours and oxygen equipment at least once per shift, as well as spot-checking other respiratory
therapy equipment per hospital policy and procedure.
· Assist in preparing respiratory care/ventilator patients for physical therapy, ambulation, transport, etc. Properly store oxygen tanks per OSHA and hospital guidelines.
· Practice safe handling of hazardous materials. Hazards include exposure to blood and body fluids, possible communicable diseases, sharp objects and instruments,
assorted chemicals and gasses as listed in the Hazardous Materials Program Manual.
· Comply with measures for preventing exposure to blood borne pathogens.
· Adhere to all components of the Hospital Compliance Plan in performing job duties and report any violations or suspected violations of the Plan to the Compliance
· Demonstrate professional conduct and comply with hospital and departmental policies and procedures.
· Adhere to hospital attendance policy as outlined in the Employee Handbook.
· Comply with established facility safety practices.
· Develop an understanding of responsibilities for recognizing abuse and follow policy for making appropriate referrals/interventions.
· Develop an understanding of responsibilities for participation in Performance Improvement activities and participate in such activities.
· Perform other incidental and related duties, as required and/or assigned
Graduate of approved AMA School of Respiratory Technology.
Credentialed by the NBRC and licensed to practice in the state of Ohio
BCLS and ACLS certified
Able to work under stress and in emergency situations
Able to speak, read and write English
Registered Respiratory Therapist
Respiratory Care Manager
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