Acuity Specialty Hospital of Ohio Valley Receives BWC Grant

STEUBENVILLE, OH, May 18, 2015– Acuity Specialty Hospital of Ohio Valley (ASHOV) has been awarded a grant from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC). ASHOV received $18,000 from the BWC’s SafetyGRANT$ program. ASHOV plans to use the grant funds to purchase and install equipment.

“We are going to purchase equipment to set up one of the patient rooms in our Belmont facility to suit our bariatric patients,” said Doreen Bonicky, ASHOV Chief Quality Officer. “Obesity is an epidemic which creates increased risk to the patients for falls and lack of mobility issues. This equipment allows the staff to get the patient out of bed easier, which promotes a better outcome for patients.”

According to the BWC, extended-care facility workers have experienced injuries and illnesses at an alarming rate. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported in 1998 that the extended-care facility injury and illness rate was 14.2, in comparison with a private industry incidence rate of 6.7. The BWC’s SafetyGRANT$ program provides assistance to extended-care facilities to reduce the risk of cumulative trauma disorders (CTD) in the workplace.

About Acuity Healthcare

Acuity Healthcare is a Long Term Acute Care hospital company founded in 2001, with headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Acuity currently owns and manages twelve Long term Acute Care hospitals in New Jersey, Ohio, North Carolina, Texas and Arizona. To learn more about Acuity Healthcare, please visit: www.acuityhealthcare.net.

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