Acuity Ohio Valley Employee Receives Certification

WEIRTON, WV, June 4, 2015– Acuity Specialty Hospitals of the Ohio Valley at Weirton are proud to announce that Cindy Monday,  Health Information Management (HIM) Assistant, received certification as a Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT). Ms. Monday completed the two-year certification program in 18 months.

RHITs play a critical role in healthcare.  They are responsible for organizing comprehensive and accurate medical records required for all patients. Their role ensures that all the necessary forms are present, properly identified, signed and filed. RHITs are able to translate complex data into understandable information for the general public. They take the medical records produced by the health care provider and translate them into a code that identifies each diagnoses and procedure utilized in treating the patient.

About Acuity Healthcare

Acuity Healthcare is a long term Acute care hospital company founded in 2001, with headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Acuity currently owns and manages ten long term acute care hospitals in New Jersey, Ohio, Texas and Arizona. To learn more about Acuity Healthcare, please visit: www.acuityhealthcare.net.