Acuity Healthcare currently has an opening for Chief Financial Officer for our Ohio Valley facilities.  The position is located in the Ohio Valley area. Please review the details below for information on the position and to apply.


The Hospital Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible and accountable for the overall financial operations of the hospital, its subsidiaries and affiliates and is responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day fiscal management of the organization. The Hospital CFO will have overall authority and responsibility for ensuring both timely and accurate monthly financial reporting, including distribution & review of key financial reports and indicators to Hospital leadership and managers. This individual will be a key contributor in achieving the overall mission, goals and objectives for the business units and effectively measuring performance against financial goals. This includes actual to budget variance and financial analysis, strategic planning, budget preparation and development of internal controls systems; accounting and financial reporting; treasury and cash management; capital financing; contractual relations; audits; taxes; cost reporting; and monitoring compliance with any and all regulations that have the potential to financially impact the hospital. The Hospital CFO recommends appropriate actions and executes strategies necessary to effectively, timely and decisively respond to negative financial trends, economic distress and /or regulatory changes.
The Hospital (CFO) has multiple reporting relationships and is accountable primarily to one or more Hospital Chief Executive Officer(s) (CEO’s), as well as, to the Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer (SVP/CFO) responsible for Hospital Finance and the respective Hospital Board of Directors. The Hospital CFO is an integral part of the senior leadership team at each Hospital for which this position is responsible and is expected to be an active participant in developing organization-wide goals, strategies and ensuring that the Financial Services Department applies resources appropriately to assist the hospital in meeting these goals and strategies in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
The Hospital (CFO) is responsible for monitoring and reporting on any Compliance or Regulatory issues that have the potential to impacting the financial status of the organization. These include, but are not limited to, reporting on the organizations compliance with any financial or lending institutions requirements or covenants. Such reporting may include submitting borrowing base certificates, reporting on compliance with bank loan covenants, recommending corrective actions when required and ensuring any other bank requirements are met.
The Hospital (CFO) is responsible for monitoring and reporting on the Hospital’s compliance with various Medicare regulations. These regulations include compliance with Medicare’s 25 day LOS rule, 5% Host Hospital Readmission Rule, 25% Admission Rule, 10% CCR Outlier Reconciliation Rule and any other rules Medicare may impose from time to time. The Hospital (CFO) is responsible for the accuracy of patient charge capture at the Hospital and ensuring that Hospital leaders, Managers and line staff are properly trained to capture charges accurately and in compliance with Federal & State Regulations.

KOWLEGE AND ABILITY: The candidate should have the following knowledge and abilities; 1) The ability to communicate effectively (written and verbal) with executive management and professional staff as well as outside parties, such as banks, investors and physicians in an assertive, professional manner; 2) be self-motivated and self-directed with excellent organizational skills; 3) able to motivate and direct the actions of others; 4) have knowledge of trends in the healthcare industry; 5) able to effectively handle multiple tasks simultaneously; 6) able to organize / manage departments and conduct relevant productive meetings; 7) should have an excellent working knowledge of GAAP; 8) should demonstrate an excellent knowledge of financial reports; 9) have a working knowledge of Medicare, OSHA, the Joint Commission and state guidelines; 10) strong working knowledge of excel.
EDUCATION / EXPERIENCE: Bachelors degree in accounting, finance, business administration or related field is required. The position also requires 5 – 7 years of finance experience in a healthcare setting. The position prefers candidates to have at least 3-5 years in a senior management finance role, such as a hospital controller or CFO. A CPA or MBA designation is a plus. Previous experience presenting to executive leadership or Board members is a plus. Proven experience with the development of positive relationships with senior staff, co-workers and customers is encouraged.
PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Overall, the candidate must be in good general health with the ability to cope with stressful situations. The position requires full mobility and the ability to participate in normal activities. Candidates should demonstrate their ability to listen and speak to communicate effectively with company personnel, physicians, and the public. The positions requires near vision acuity for accurate reading and ability to inspect and analyze work. Candidates should be able to lift up to thirty (30) pounds and able to bend, stoop and stretch with minimal physical limitation.
OSHA TASK CATEGORY: The requirements for this position should not involve exposure to blood, bodily fluids or tissue. Universal Precautions with patients should be adhered to in an unlikely event of accidental exposure with ready access to first aid. This position should always wear protective devices when performing tasks that may cause exposure.

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